Interior trim can get scratched or swirled just like paintwork.  These pieces may be removed and corrected as well as sealed with a coating or PPF. Generally pricing is per trim piece.

Q 2 MATTE or Q 2 MOHS 

Over time leathers become impregnated with body oils and salts adding an unnatural brilliance and sheen to the Hides as well as making them dry, brittle and stiff. We restore interiors on a case-by-case basis as the required methods used to correct these problems vary greatly in time and scope of process. Service could be as simple as deep cleaning with strong cleaners or as complex as removing the Hides from the seating surfaces, deep cleaning with a 2 part Leatherique system, conditioning then finally drying before reinstalling onto the seat frames. Full Leather Dashes may also be removed for such projects. Product dwell times are not charged as time towards final pricing.


For longer lasting protection visit our COATINGS section.

Sadly on occasion we see vehicles fresh from a dealer visit with the interior coated in Armoral type substances. Making the plastics slick, shiny, greasy and reflective. Worse yet is when they apply this “detailing method” to extended leather interiors coating your 2-4K dollar optioned full leather dash and door cards with the substance. If left unchecked this cause accelerated drying and fading, staining, and eventually contraction of the hides facilitating replacement.

Interior Leathers are deconed utilizing Q2M LEATHER CLEANER leaving the Hides cool to the touch and without the greasy feeling. They are then sealed with Q2 LEATHER COAT. Plastics are deconed with Q2M VINYL CLEANER.

Products Used:


All interior glass is cleaned and treated. GYEON products are used for dash & interior plastics as well as extended leather interiors IE dash and doors. All carpets vacuumed. All interior surfaces cleaned with appropriate methods specific to every different surface encountered. 

Products used: Q 2 LEATHERCOATproductlist_840x840px_q2leathercoat400ml-840x840


Performed only after full exterior decontamination has been completed.

Generally speaking most detailing companies offer you a few choices when it comes to this process 1-step 2-step 3-step & polishing are all common terms used to divide this into different time and work brackets. We prefer to take a different approach to the correction phase by meeting with potential clients one on one to discus expectations, pricing, and processes, perform a test panel and take photos. Once this is accomplished we can formulate a plan of action to drive the process and significantly narrow down the cost window.

Sadly most new vehicles from the factory or fresh off the dealer lot require some correction before they are deemed ready for the next step. Older vehicles with single stage paint and exotics can take 20 hours of work prior to the next step. For such vehicles, accurate measurements of paint thickness are taken.

Example Paint Correction Times:

New Porsche 911: 4-7 hours
New Sedan (Mercedes E-Class) or Cross Over (Porsche Macan): 6-11* BLACK CARS REQUIRE 30% MORE TIME
New SUV (Lexus LX570): 12-16 hours

Depending on the selected process prior to beginning correction work, areas of the vehicle not needing paint correction (ex glass, plastic trim, grills, & rubber body seals) are masked off to speed up work and keep the compounds + polishes from staining or otherwise adversely affecting noted areas. If needed measurements are taken at various points over the vehicle to give an idea of how much clear coat is safe to remove when eliminating defects. Different light sources are utilized to ensure all defects can be removed.

During Corrections we utilize Polishers from Rupes & Flex and feature products from GYEON & Menzerna.

A level beyond Glas-Werks Signature surface correction. Measurements are taken of clear coat and paint thickness utilizing various tools. The amount of leveling (orange peel removal) will be heavily dependent on the condition of the vehicle.

For heavily soiled non-contaminated paintwork.

The vehicle is allowed to soak in Q2M FOAM through a foaming lance for 5-10 minutes followed by a hand wash with a Q2M SMOOTHIE towel in the 2 bucket method with close attention given to areas naturally susceptible to road grime. Once the vehicle has been washed by hand, a final rinse is performed prior to drying with Q2M WAFFLEDRYER towels. Q2M BUG&GRIME and Q2M TAR are used to safely remove contaminants. Wheels are cleaned lightly with Q2M IRON (safe for carbon ceramics) based on the level of dirt present.

$125 Wash
$150 Wash + Topped with Q2M WETCOAT [DURABILITY: up to 12 weeks]
Q²M WetCoat is a instant, brilliantly easy to use hydrophobicity booster that provides great durability and chemical resistance.
$225 Wash + Topped with Q² CanCoat [DURABILITY: >6months / 10K km]
Q² CanCoat is extremely hydrophobic and provides you with a protective layer against UV-rays, strong chemicals, bird droppings or road salt, and also prevents the paint’s oxidation.

Products Used:

productlist_840x840px_q2mwaffledryer_v2-840x840productlist_840x840px_q2msmoothie_v2-840x840q2m_iron_500ml-1-840x840q2_m_foam_1000ml-840x840 q2m_tar_500ml-840x840q2m_buggrime_400ml-2-840x840 productlist_840x840px_q2cancoat-840x840q2m_wetcoat_500ml-2-840x840

This is a necessary step prior to any paint correction work.

License plates come off the vehicle as well as removable splitters and other aero pieces that would later interfere with paint correction work. Entire vehicle is gone over to identify areas of interest requiring stronger cleaning products to remove. Normally seen contaminates include but are not limited to tree sap, road tar, excessive iron from braking systems, left over chitin (bug remains) as well as water spots on glass. Once Vehicle is deemed deconed properly the 2-bucket method is used to hand wash the vehicle. Wheels are removed to facilitate the stripping of heavily decontaminated brake dust, road tar & rubber. Additionally the wheel wells are deep cleaned as well. Vehicle is then dried using Q2M CLAYLUBE to pull any last waxes or sealants of the paint.


We start by taping off all associated and nearby paintwork then begin with 500 grit sandpaper wet sanding by hand followed by 800, 1200, 2K and then 3300 polishing commences with plastic polish and then the light assemblies are sealed using GYEON products.

Exterior Coatings

Utilizing 53.7% high grade Carnauba Wax, and 39.2% Japanese glass coating, KAMIKAZE INFINITY WAX combines the best of both worlds…the amazing gloss of wax, with the durability of glass coating with 18-36 month protection.


Q2 VIEW remains on the most intensely utilized windscreen for up to a period of 12 months, and guaranteed at the same time an undiminished water drainage. On the side windows it can be maintained for up to 36 months.

  • $200 for coupe
  • $300 for sedans
  • Inquire for SUVs

In the decontamination phase prior to paint correction we remove the wheels. Coating them in Gloss coat makes it almost impossible for brake dust to bond to the rims making it much easier to wash wheels in the future. Wheels removed and Decontaminated, Coated in Gyeon MOHS+, Wheel wells coated in Gyeon MOHS or Gyeon Trim where applicable Brakes decontaminated, Rotor hats and calipers coated in Gyeon Rim.

$150 when done on top of a full correction can be purchased as a separate surface for vehicles with heavily dusting brakes. For BMW’s and most exotics not wearing carbon ceramics.

We can re-dye faded exterior plastics or paint them in a variety of complimentary colors to blend in with the vehicle and provide a new OEM like appearance, matte black, satin black, gloss, black, & anthracite are a few of the colors available.

A wealth of Industry Knowledge…

Detailing is an art and your car is a work of art. That’s why Glas Werks invests in sending its professional detailers to learn industry standards and learn new techniques to become the best in the business.

Safe & Secure

Our facilities are monitored 100% of the time. Your vehicle will be serviced and stored indoors in our secure studio and under constant video surveillance at all times. Your vehicle's security is our #1 priority.

Perfection Takes Time

At Glas-Werks, we practice economy of motion. We ensure every step is done as thorough as possible, in an order conducive to reaching our end goal in a timely manner.


We take care to keep our clients updated & informed as needed throughout our entire process.

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